About Samira

Samira Mohamed Ali is a Welsh actress that exploded onto the Bollywood scene with Badshah (2012) and best-known for her role as an alcoholic mother in the award-winning horror Molly Crows (2013), where she received a nomination at the Moscow Film Festival for her dramatic performance.

Samira’s passion for acting developed at an early age with the support of her family. She also began modelling at eleven years old and continued working for different companies and publications including Harpers Bazaar, V Magazine, and DKNY. While still modelling, Samira worked part-time for the world’s largest international bank, HSBC – becoming one of the youngest bankers in the UK. At just 21, Samira was given her first opportunity to test her presenting skills by interviewing top banking directors and financial executives for HSBC’s Internal Communications Department.

Samira began the transition to actress by booking guest star roles on local TV shows in Wales. She played herself in Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me (2009), and most recently spent the summer rehearsing and starring in the Bollywood franchise film B-Positive (2015), set for release in early 2016. She will also star as the co-lead in the latest movie adaption of the No. 1 best-selling action novel By Any Name (2016) by famed author Katherine John, set for release summer 2016. Samira’s most recent supporting role was in SpikeTV’s mini historical docu-drama Egyptian Vice (2015) which was aired in July on SpikeTV in the US and Canada in the lead up to the new TV mini-series TUT, starring Sir Ben Kingsley. Samira will also play the co-lead in a new British horror franchise ‘The Doctor’ (2017), with principal photography expected to begin in early 2016.

With her exotic looks and unique accent, Samira became the first ever Westerner to be accepted and given a major role in the traditionally-dominated Hindi industry of filming segments under the Kannada Films banner, and has also landed significant roles for South Indian and Bollywood films as a leading lady. In addition to her film career, Samira co-owns a film production company, Tanabi Films®, which is based in Wales.

At a Glance

  • Actress
  • Professional Model
  • Business Entrepreneur
  • Vice President of Tanabi Group ®
  • Spokesperson
  • Brand Ambassador